Ad Format

Display AD format

Standard banners

The most popular digital banner ads sizes on Desktop and Mobile web traffic: 728x90; 300x250; 160x600; 970x250; 300x600; 320x480; 480x60; 320x50 ...

standard phone
standard computer

Native ads

Enhance user experience as well as raise the purchase intent, native ad format are the best choices for both the Publisher and Advertiser.

native phone
native computer

Onclick Pop

Instantly grab the user attention without disrupting their experiences by delivering relevant Pop-up and Pop-under ads.

onclick phone
onclick computer

Video AD format

standard phone
standard computer


Monetize your Video inventory with effective In-stream campaign. We offer Pre-roll, Mid-roll, Post-roll video ads.

standard phone
standard computer


Unlock new inventory source with this non-intrusive format, with video ads being embedded natively in-feed. It will be launched when in-view and collapse after view.

standard phone
standard computer


Highly interactive and pleased to view, our slider ads are clicked to view with option to expand for a brief 5 seconds when the user first launch the page.

In-app AD format

Standard banners

Cost-effective static ad units inside mobile and tablet apps. Explore universal and widely support sizes such as 320x100; 320x50; 300x250; 468x60

standard in app phone
standard in app computer


Naturally blended into an app flow, our interstitial format for Mobile and tablet include both videos and images.

interstitial in app phone
interstitial in app computer


The most desirable format for its effectiveness, our in-app native format can be finely customized for more accurate targeting.

native in app phone
native in app computer

Rewarded Video

Maximize your yield with our lightweight video ads that keep your app users happy and interactive.

rewarded in app phone
rewarded in app computer

Integration Guide

price tag price tag

Ad tag

Easily implement the provided ad tags to your website source code. Each ad placement has its own ad tag that goes with a detailed report. Basing on these specific statistics, publishers make data-driven decision to further monetize their inventory.

Open RTB Open RTB

Open RTB

Effectively eliminating the overlapping manual, labor-intensive tasks and communications needed. For publishers, open RTB creates competition for inventory, increasing demand and delivering higher eCPMs. For advertisers, the effort behind campaign creation, implementation and management is reduced. All open RTB versions are available.

bidding bidding

Header Bidding

Follow simple step-by-step instructions and bring additional advertiser demand into your ad server, ensuring you get the best possible price for your inventory. We use prebid product suite to offer publishers multiple benefits designed to foster a better header bidding experience